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Smart cat toy-Laser cat-teasing cat toy

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Model: WP-TC01
Appearance: white + black;
Material: Food grade ABS material;
Function: Laser tease cat + shooting and recording pet video + home anti-theft monitoring;
Laser tease cat: built-in infrared laser probe, you can interact with your pet anytime and anywhere;
Laser control: support controling the laser red dot by manual or automatic, the position can be changed randomly, can increase the interactive fun;
Voice interaction: built-in high-definition speakers and pickups, two-way intercom;
Real-time video: 2 million high-definition images, 1920*1080 pixels;
Video storage: support 16~128G memory card;
Ambient light: 7-color ambient light, you can choose your favorite light color;
Motor: high-quality steering gear (used on drones);
Power supply: 5V/1000mA power adapter;