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Smart Pet Bag

Smart Pet Bag for cat and small dog

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Model: WP10-P (Bluetooth model)
Appearance: ice green\white (other colors can be customized);
Volume: suitable for pets within 6kg;
Material: Plastic + Woven;
Function: Bluetooth connection, mobile APP control, temperature adjustment fan on and off;
Automatic mode: Turn on the automatic mode on APP. When the temperature reaches the setting temperature, you can choose to turn on fan 1 or fan 2. You can also set to turn on two fans at the same time. When the temperature is lower than the setting temperature, the fan will turn off automatically (due to the environment factor, there might be about plus or minus 1 degree error);
Manual mode: Turn on the manual mode on APP, and can customized turn on fan 1 or fan 2. Also you can set to turn on two fans at the same time, and manually turn on/off;
Fan speed: Turn on the automatic mode, the fan will automatically adjust the wind speed according to the temperature.Turn on the manual mode, you can customize the wind speed. Click "Min", "Medium" and "Max" on APP to control the wind speed;
Power supply: use 5V-USB power bank to supply power (consumers need prepare the power banks by theirselves).
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